1.The Chapter shall elect three trustees, who shall be jointly vested all the property of the Chapter.
2.The trustees shall oversee all the funds and other assets of the Union at the Chapter level.
3.A trustee shall hold office for a maximum of five (5) years/or until such time as he/she resigns by notice in writing to the Chapter Executive Committee or is removed by vote at a Special AGM.

  1. In the event of the resignation of a trustee, the Executive Committee shall nominate one of its members to fill temporarily the vacancy until such time as the AGM or Special AGM elects a trustee to fill the office of the nominated trustee.
  2. 5.The trustees shall meet with the Executive Committee at least once in three months to discuss their report.
  3. 6.The trustees shall prepare and submit their report to the AGM.
  4. The chapter trustee cannot occupy any other position at the national office save for the trustee position.