There shall be three categories of members: Ordinary, Honorary and Special/Associate members.

Ordinary Membership

  1. Membership of the Union shall be open to all academic and research staff of the universities appointed on Academic Terms of Service.
  2. Every eligible person shall be required to pay entrance fee of shillings five hundred (Kshs. 500/=) on application for membership.
  3. The Union subscription fee shall be collected from every member of the Union at the rate of two percent (2%) of the basic wage of every member per month as decided by the National Delegates Conference.
  4. The membership and subscriptions fees shall be determined from time to time by the National Delegates Conference (NDC).
  5. The subscription fee shall, in as far as possible be collected through the check-off system.
  6. Upon admission to membership the member shall be bound by this constitution and the by-laws.
  7. Under no circumstances shall any entrance fee, subscription or other donations paid to the Union be refunded.
  8. A member of the Union, subject to the provisions of this constitution, shall enjoy all rights and privileges of membership so long as they remain members in good standing.
  9. A member shall give three months prior written notice of their intention to resign from the Union to the National Secretary General and shall settle any outstanding debts, affiliation fees, or subscription with the union before such resignation is effective.
  10. The National Executive Committee shall have the authority to censure, suspend, fine or expel any member who is found guilty of:

    (ii) Misappropriating, embezzling or improperly or illegally using Union funds.

    (iii) Acting to be detriment of the Union or its membership; or

    (iv) Willfully violating a legally negotiated and approved Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    1. In all cases of suspension and expulsion, members shall be given not less than two weeks’ notice of any complaint brought against them and shall have the right to be heard by the National Delegates Council.

    (1) The National Executive Committee shall have authority to reinstate members or lift suspensions which the National Delegates Council determines were unjustified.