The Trade Union constituted by these Rules and Regulations shall be known as the “UNIVERSITIES’ ACADEMIC STAFF UNION (UASU)” hereafter referred to as the Union.
The registered office of the Union shall be at the Union Headquarters situated in UNIAFRIC HOUSE, LOITA STREET,3RD FLOOR, ROOM 301, Nairobi, which shall be the place of meeting for conducting the business of the Union. The postal address of the union shall be P.O Box 30198 — 00100 Nairobi, Kenya.


The aims and objectives of the Union shall be:-

(a) To buttress gender equity and equal opportunities without any form of discrimination on the basis of among others; sex. race, tribe, religion or ideology.

(b) To bring together and unite the academic staff of all grades and qualifications of Kenya’s universities as described by 4 (a).

(e) To provide the instrument of co-operation among the academic staff; academic labour unionization and the aggregation and articulation of their collective views, interests, opinions and decisions upon matters affecting university education in particular and national education in general.

(f) To participate in all matters aimed at improving quality education in Kenya.

(g) To secure strategic and effective representation of the academic staff on the Government, public and private organizations where such representation may be relevant and imperative.

(h) To secure and maintain harmonized membership, employment and service for all members.

(i) To make everyday endeavour to obtain just and proper rates of wages, working hours and other cond itions of employment.

(j) To negotiate and promote settlement of Trade Disputes between the union members and employers by conciliation, arbitration or otherwise, and generally to safeguard the interests of members.

(k) To establish and maintain funds by means of entrance fees, voluntary contributions, subscriptions, levies and by borrowing on such security and such terms as may from time to time be co-ordinated by the National Executive Committee.

(l) To participate wherever possible in the consideration and formulation of universities’ policies and in the management of the affairs of the Universities.

(m) To seek effective representation in the universities’ councils, senates and other management committees for the common good of the universities’ employees.

(n) To uphold professional and ethical conduct of the members in order to guarantee and protect the universities’ integrity.

(o) To promote educational excellence and academic standards e.g. by endeavoring to provide and seek appropriate and adequate training, teaching and research facilities.

(p) To secure facilities, funding and support for training members in their trades for the overall development and performance of the universities.

(q) To co-operate with other organizations on matters of common interest with a view to pursuing common or uniform action when necessary or desirable.

(r) To affiliate with other bodies such as Education International (EL), International Labour Organization (ILO), among others if necessary and with approval of members.

(s) To seek and obtain legal advice and any other assistance on matters affecting the Union, or for promotiru the rights of a member or members on matters arising out of the relations with the employers, provide that the National Executive Committee shall have the sole rights to decide whether or not such leg advice or assistance is in the best interests of the Union or the members concerned.

(t) To influence the recruitment, review and promotion of University staff in general and academic staff particular on objective and competitive criteria.